Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Nine

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Nine

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The Apartment

Chapter Nine: An Old Friend

A recap of where we left Daphne:

Miss Blake? asked a doctor as he walked into the waiting room, breaking Daphnes thoughts.

Yes? she asked.

Fred Jones. Hes dead, said the doctor.

Your boyfriend, I presume, died from losing a large amount of blood, the extremely short doctor said, interrupting Daphne. Due to their extreme differences in height, he had a hard time making eye contact with Daphne.

May I go see him? Daphne asked as she tried to hold back tears.

Im sorry, Miss, but his body has already been taken, and an autopsy is being performed as we speak.

Daphne glared at the doctor as anger and frustration overtook her. She could not believe that the hospital already had taken Freds body and started his autopsy without asking her permission. Afraid that she might yell at the doctor and be kicked out of the hospital, she said, Ive got to go. Daphne quickly walked out of the waiting room and to the elevator.

She was about to press the down button when a nurse who was walking past said, Im sorry, but that elevator is not working. We are trying to fix it as fast as we can. Id advise you to take the stairs.

Daphne, distracted by her own thoughts, did not hear a word the nurse was saying. Unsure if the nurse was still talking to her, Daphne walked to a door labeled stairs. After walking four flights of stairs, Daphne finally reached the garage and found her car. After getting in the car, Daphne started to cry and thought I never should have agreed to let Fred pair me up with Velma. If I hadnt agreed, Fred most likely would be here with me. Eventually, Daphne pulled herself together and drove home. She got out of the car and walked to Velmas and her front door. Fumbling with her keys, Daphne opened the door and walked in. She placed the keys on a nearby table. Daphne decided to take a shower, hoping to calm herself down. The hot water felt good on Daphnes back. After her shower, Daphne changed into a nightgown that was lying on her bed. She then went into the bathroom to brush her hair. While Daphne was brushing her hair, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She hardly recognized herself. The once happy reflection was replaced with a bitter frown. A couple of months ago, Daphnes father had died. Daphne had become depressed, but luckily, Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo were there to get her through this tough time. Also, the stress of taking tests for college and her ups and downs with Fred had not been good for her. To top it all off, she had been fighting with Shaggy and Velma, and now Fred was dead. Had all these events made her so bitter? Daphne wondered.

Crawling into bed, Daphne sighed. She looked around her purple, custom-made room. Her eyes wandered to a teddy bear sitting on a shelf. Fred had won it for her at a carnival. She remembered how happy she was then. Everything was right then.

Sure, one of the boys sitting at the table said. He then began to eat his lunch.

After the girl had sat down and put her lunch box on the table, the boy who had not talked before said, Hi, my name is Fred Jones, and this is my best friend, Shaggy Rogers. Fred pointed to the boy who was happily eating a sandwich.

The girl smiled before saying, Im Daphne Blake. My mother, father, and I just moved here. Its a pleasure to meet you, Fred and Shaggy. Daphne put her hand out to Fred, and they shook hands.

Its nice to meet you, too, Daphne. Do you wanna play with Shaggy and me during recess? Fred asked hopefully.

Sure, Daphne said taking the food out of her lunch box.

(A/N: Daphne, Fred, and Shaggy were in first grade when this scene took place.)

She must be with Shaggy at his apartment. I guess I should apologize to both of them and tell them about Fred, Daphne thought. After getting dressed, Daphne drove to the building where Shaggy lived. When she arrived at 1F, Daphne opened the door with the spare key Velma had given her. Walking into the apartment, Daphne turned a light on, and looked around. All the walls were either blue or green. She and Velma had had so much fun painting the walls in Shaggy and Freds apartment. Discovering the place was empty, Daphne walked into Freds room and laid on his bed. She could smell Freds shampoo on his pillow. Daphne noticed an envelope sticking out from under Freds pillow. After opening the envelope, Daphne discovered that the letter was from Fred to Shaggy. It read:

Dear Shaggy,

Thank you so much for your advice on picking out the perfect engagement ring for Daphne. I know she will love it! You are a great friend to have and are like a brother to me. If you ever need help with anything or just want to talk, please let me know. Thanks again.


After reading the letter, Daphne could not keep herself from crying. Fred was planning to ask for her hand in marriage. Daphne was overcome with grief. She suddenly realized how tired she really was and fell asleep. Little did she know someone was watching her.

Great, and you? Daphne replied. Fred had definitely changed since the last time she had seen him. His skin and bones were replaced by muscles.

My summer has been okay. Would you like to come in? Fred asked.

Sure, Daphne replied and walked into the house. Fred closed the door and led Daphne into the living room. They both sat down on a couch. How was camp? Daphne asked. Why is it so hard to talk to Fred? Daphne pondered.

It was okay. Kinda boring, but since I am going to be playing on the football team at Coolsville High I knew I needed practice, Fred said, staring at Daphne. He had not previously noticed how much she had developed into a young woman. He felt new feelings toward the red-haired girl. Are you excited about high school?

I guess. I hope that Velma, Shaggy, you, and I get some classes together this year, Daphne said, sighing.

I agree. It stunk that none of us had classes together last year, Fred said.

So, what do you want to do? Daphne asked.

Do you want to catch a movie? Fred asked.

Sure Daphne replied, getting up from the couch.

The movie was not great, but it did not matter. Fred and Daphne got to spend some quality time together. By the time the movie was over, it was getting late. Fred walked Daphne home. When they arrived at the massive front gates of the Blakes mansion, Daphne turned to Fred and said, Fred, I had a wonderful time. I hope we can do this again sometime soon. Daphne then hugged Fred. They separated and Daphne opened the gates and walked to her porch. Before getting inside, Daphne said, See you soon.

(A/N: Daphne was 14, and Fred was 15. This was the first time Fred had feelings for Daphne other than a friend.)

A knock came from the door. Daphne, who had just finished eating, figured whoever was at the door would be there for Fred or Shaggy. She went to the door and looked through the peephole. A teenager was standing outside. At least, that is what Daphne thought, but she was unsure because the person was wearing a trench coat and hat that covered most of the individuals face. Also, the person was staring at the Welcome mat. She reluctantly opened the door. Hi, if youre looking for Fred and Shaggy, they are not here. Youre welcome to come in, though, Daphne said, smiling.

The boy looked up and smiled. He said, Daphne. I new Id find you. He collapsed.

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