Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 7

Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 7

-1Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge

By Scooby Freak

Chapter 7

Hello ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, house pets, and spooky aliens! Heres chapter 7!

Shaggy, we need to help fight in this, we cant just sit back and watch the world fall apart like this. replied Fred, Im in.

Me too. said Daphne.

If youre all in, then Im in. said Velma.

Scooby was quiet for a moment, then he said Re too!

Shaggy paused for a moment, staring at his brave friends. Like, okay, Ill fight too.

Alright, Im gonna need more troops, so I guess the troops and I will start making calls and visits. said the Chief, Oh and I want to introduce you to Colonel Johnson in a little while

Im like, scared dude. said Shaggy.

Were all scared, but we need to fight for the world. said Fred.

Reah, but rits still scary. said Scooby.

Alright soldiers! So youre gonna fight these enemies, am I right? asked a tall bald man in an army uniform. He was behind Scooby, and Scooby got scared.

Yes sir. said Daphne.

Im Colonel Johnson! Im the one who will train you and many others to prepare for this war! Its gonna be a blood bath! he said, still standing as still as a rock.

Shaggy gulped, Like, sir, yes sir.

Heres these papers to sign up! Details of training are at the bottom of the last page. See you tomorrow! Colonel said.

Like yeah, see you sir. said Shaggy.

Well, I guess we better start filling out these papers. said Velma.

Like, now Im really scared! said Shaggy.

Reah! said Scooby.

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