Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Back In The Habit Chapter 1

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Back In The Habit Chapter 1

It was a dull day in
Coolsville. Spring had arrived. Everything seemed to be mellow. For
once the gang had not been occupied with a mystery. Having just
solved a few hectic mysteries, the gang had felt they just wanted to
be home for a bit.

After years of living together in a van
most of their youth, settling and owning a house together wasn’t much
different. Except that a house had a lot more legroom.

It was on this lazy,
happy spring afternoon when the enjoyable silence was interrupted by
a knock on the door. Curled up around a good book, Velma found
herself the only one in hearing range. After a few light knocks, a
louder knock had come. Seeing that no one else had seemed to hear the
person at the door, Velma sighed and placed a bookmark in the book
and got up. Taking two seconds brush a few wrinkles from her
sweatpants, she headed to the door calling out to the person on the
other side,

“Alright… All
right, I’m coming. No need to bang on the door anymore.”

She grabbed for the
handle and unlocked the top lock. Once the lock was undone, and the
doorknob turned, the door was force open by the thing behind it.
Bounding into the house was a large Great Dane. He did not notice he
had knocked Velma to the ground by his actions, and continued past
the fallen girl. Instead the brown blur disappeared inside the house
as Velma groggily got her senses back.

“Are you ok?”

Came an unfamiliar
voice. She adjusted her glasses on her nose to look up at the young
boy standing awkwardly on the front porch of the house. He looked
like he wanted to step inside and help her up, and yet he was also
cautious to enter because he had not been invited in. Grabbing onto
the handle of the front door, Velma pulled herself to her feet. She
looked at the boy again, trying to figure out if she knew the boy. He
was standing a bit taller then her, but he looked smaller by his
slightly hunched stance. He was wearing a battered pair of glasses,
taped on one side where the earpiece wire met the lenses. His black
hair was mussed and capped off with a brimmed brown cap. What hair
had stuck out from the cap looked messy, as if he had ran most of the
way (where ever he had come from) with the Great Dane. He was
shifting his weight slightly, in a worried or anxious manner.
Occasionally taking glances from the floor or her, to look at where
the Great Dane had gone.

“E…Excuse me…
But do you mind if I come in?”

He stammered, obviously
trying to be polite in the presence of Velma. She shook her head to
shut off her detective analysis of the youth and motioned for him to
come in.

“Oh, sorry. Come

She said politely. He
bobbed his head and grabbed a suitcase by his side and stepped into
the door. He then stuttered,

“I… I hope you
don’t mind a dog… He said he would be welcome here.”

Velma looked at the boy
confused and showed him to the living room where she had been hanging
out. She was curious, and voiced her thoughts out loud to him.

“Sorry to seem
rude, but who are you and who was the Great Dane? One of Scooby’s
relatives I would think.”

The boy realized he had
not introduced himself. He dropped his bag to his side and scooped
the hat off his head as he bowed, making his introduction of himself
and his Dane.

“Oh… Sorry…
How rude of me… My name is Melvin, Melvin Toore. And that was my
Great Dane…”

Nosing open the door
gently, he saw that the door was a swing door for easy access. Being
as quiet as he could, he squeezed himself through the door and snuck
behind the two culinary masters at work. He watched and waited for
just the right moment. When the time was right, he shouted out from
behind them, making Shaggy jump to the ceiling in fright.


Scooby caught the
beatnik in his arms as the spooked Shaggy stammered a reply…


Velma gasped, shocked
as the boy hung his head from her reaction. He felt bad that his dog
had not only knocked over the girl, but she seemed to have a rather
shocked attitude when she heard his name.

“He… He
convinced me that it would be ok… He said that they wouldn’t mind
him coming for a visit. I… I… I’m sorry.”

The boy stuttered some
more, playing with his hat nervously in his hand while he waited for
her response. He tried not to look at her, out of fear he did
something wrong. Velma shook her head, it had been ages since she had
seen the loud puppy, and it was apparent at his large size he wasn’t
a puppy any longer. Then she noticed how much the boy Melvin seemed
to be bashing himself, thinking he and his dog was intruding. She
tried to comfort him.

“Oh no no no… I
didn’t mean it like that. It’s just been a while since I had heard
anything about him. It’s just a shock to see him bound in after all
these years…Literally”

Her conversation was
interrupted by another voice entering the room. As the red haired
girl came across the two of them, she spoke out.

“What’s all this
racket? I hear a bang and scampering around the house. Did Shaggy
accidentally let another cat in and Scooby is after it? Oh!”

She saw Velma and Melvin and the boy looked quite ashamed.
His dog was causing more chaos then he thought. Daphne really didnt
mind, she had just been relaxing upstairs in her room listening to a
new CD she had gotten. Giving her hand an unconscious run through her
hair to make sure it was intact for visitors, she happily greeted the

“Hello. And who
are you?”

“Oh. Daphne meet
Melvin Toore. Melvin, this is Daphne Blake. And I’m Velma Dinkley.”
Velma introduced Daphne to Melvin, and then introduced herself as
well since she had forgotten earlier. “Oh and Melvin is Scrappy
Doo’s owner.”

Velma chirped matter of
factly. Daphne did a double take. The owner of the rambunctious puppy
was a rather shy, twitchy guy. She would have thought that Scrappy’s
owner might be some more adventurous, athletic type to keep up with
the little puppy. But from the sounds created by Scrappy, he wasn’t
so ‘little’ anymore.

Scooby shouted,
throwing his paws around his nephew, promptly dropping Shaggy in the
process. It had been ages since he had seen him. Puppy no more,
Scrappy sat as tall as he was. Though Scrappy was built more then his
lanky uncle. He hugged him back just the same.

“Hiya Uncle
Scooby. Hiya Shaggy. Long time no see!”

Scrappy greeted his old
friends. He really missed them, and was happy he was able to convince
Melvin to come here. And if all went well, maybe he’ll be able to go
on another mystery with them. Knowing that the gang rarely was not on
an adventure, or one would seem to pop up when they werent playing
any attention. They always seemed to draw the mysteries to them.
Shaggy picked himself off the ground where Scooby dumped him and
addressed Scrappy while dusting off his pants from the floor. Not
seeming to matter much that Scooby had deposited him on the ground.

“Like, What are
you doing here man? Not that I’m not happy to see you, but Zoinks,
it’s been ages.”

Shaggy commented as he
walked over to Scrappy, petting him on the head. Being a dog person,
he knew just where to pet the younger Dane to make his foot start
tapping the floor in rapid secession as he tried to talk.

“I was able… no
left left… there… I was able to convince my owner to bring me
over. And well… Oooooo a bit lower… And Here I am.”

Scrappy leaned into the
scratching as his foot thumped the ground harder telling Shaggy he
had the perfect spot. Scooby looked over at Scrappy and nodded, then
spoke to his human counterpart.

“Raggy, Re roing
ro rave Rappy r’and ris rowner ror runch!”

Scooby stated with a
determined nod. Shaggy stopped scratching and thought it over. He
placed his hand to his scruffy chin and played with part of his
goatee as the ideas tumbled around in his head. Then a grin formed on
his face.

“Like, good idea
Scoob. What better way to catch up on old times and meet Scrappy’s
owner but over food. Perfect. No one can turn down a free meal!”

Shaggy clapped his
hands together at the end of his sentence, in an act of a well
thought decision. Scrappy liked the idea. They had not eaten very
much, since Scrappy was to concerned to getting here rather then
making sure they stayed fed. And it wasn’t fair to his boy Melvin to
not eat. Plus he happened to be hungry too. So he piped up in

“Sounds like a
great idea uncle Scooby. Why don’t I help you set up?”

Scrappy offered his paw
to help. Shaggy nodded. He grinned inwardly, if felt nice seeing
Scooby’s nephew again. Scrappy always liked to help out. And there
was no trouble, so he didn’t have to be worried about the younger
Dane getting his nose into it. Home was the only place he felt safe

“Thanks Scrappy.
That goes there. And Scooby, that is going over on that area.”

Shaggy directed the
Danes a bit in the kitchen. After a bit of organizing and setting up,
Shaggy saw that Scrappy was finding his way around well enough that
he washed off his hands to get the rest of the gang.

“You guys put the
finishing touches on it. I’m going to do get the rest of the gang and
your owner and we can then dig in.”

Shaggy took off his
apron he was wearing and handed it to Scooby who placed it on himself
and took over directing Scrappy. Smartly, he saluted Shaggy as he
started to leave. Making sure to keep the pup on track.

“R’ok Raggy…”

Scooby dismissed Shaggy
and went to pointing of the final placements of the table. Shaggy
watched for two seconds before he pushed open the door and headed to
get everyone else.

Like. This is going to be great!

“Like, come on
gang. Food’s a ready and I’m starved! Ahahaha…”

Shaggy laughed at his
own words and motioned the guys in the living to follow him. Daphne
looked over from their conversation at Shaggy then turned to shrug at
Velma. She then in turn shrugged back and took up the pace. Daphne
watched Velma start to walk by when she noticed Melvin hadn’t moved.
She motioned for him to follow. The boy looked at her and pointed to
himself confused. As if by cue, his stomach launched a groan of
complaint from the depths of the boy that made his face grow red with
embarrassment. Daphne sighed and went back for the boy, grabbing him
by the wrist she pulled him after her to the kitchen. Velma had
stopped to watch the scene in amusement, she tried to not let show as
she took up the rear on their little train of people to the kitchen.

Melvin, once captured
didn’t struggle. He was hungry. Though he was more embarrassed now
that his stomach had done that in front of the two ladies he just met
and was talking to. But the lanky boy that showed up seemed to be one
of the people that Scrappy talked about more. Sure Daphne, Velma and
a guy named Fred had been mentioned before, but Shaggy and Scooby
were the two he heard about the most.

Melvin was too lost in
his thoughts to pay much attention to the hallway that Daphne was
dragging him through, but the kitchen did get his full attention.
Maybe it was the fact that it mostly painted a nice cheery pale
yellow color. Or maybe it was the pure size of it. Since you could
park the Mystery Inc van inside the main cooking area, had the tables
and oven not been there. Or the fact that it was more suited to serve
a 5 star restaurant… But however you looked at it, the kitchen was
quite a site. He remembered looking at the house on the outside; it
didn’t look like it could fit something of this grandeur. His
attention also didn’t miss the comical look of Scooby in Shaggy’s
Apron on, “Don’t Forget To Feed the cook”. Scooby did a
flourished bow and let his paw gesture to the meal set up.

“Runch ris rerved”

Melvin was paying to
much attention to everything else; he didn’t notice where Daphne had
dragged him to till a plate was placed in his hands.


Daphne offered the
plate and waited for him to take it. In all of his observations of
the kitchen, he had missed the actual meal served. He was standing
behind Daphne and in front of Velma in some sort of line. He leaned
to his left and found himself looking at a bunch of tables pulled
together to house all the various food that had been set up. It was a
buffet, serving spoons and everything.

“I had forgotten
it was Buffet Wednesday.” Velma said with a chipper tone to her
voice. Giddy at the prospect of the variety of food they were being
presented. Choices were always nice to have.

You mean this amount of food happens weekly?” Stammered the boy.
Velma gave him a nod.

“This amount of
food happens each meal… Wither we get access to it is another
matter all together. But since Shaggy likes making so many dishes on
a regular basis, we thought making one day of the week to making
dishes for the rest of us was a good opportunity for him. Just… A
warning. Unless you have a strong stomach, don’t touch anything on
that last table down at the end.”

Velma pointed to the
end of the table. Melvin leaned again and didn’t notice anything
particularly odd about the meals on that particular table. He
wondered what was so bad.

“Why shouldn’t I
touch it?” He asked as he moved down the table picking up foods
that looked good and that he wanted to try. He didn’t notice how much
he was stacking. But he was hungry enough to eat it all.

“That’s Shaggy’s
experiment table. If the ingredients don’t explode on contact, then
you can bet those odd combinations are down there.”

Daphne grimaced at the
memory of last weeks main dish. Liver and Linguini it was. Though the
Tofu toast and cream cheese wasn’t as bad as it looked. Velma’s face
reflected similar thoughts. Melvin looked at the two older girls and
decided to take their word for it. His stomach was hungry, not
desperate. Normal food was fine.

They got off the line,
plates full and sat at the dinning room table. Scrappy was glued to
the hip to his uncle Scooby, ringing him and Shaggy for stories of
their recent exploits. They were not sitting there at the table for
more then five minutes, before Daphne made an observation.

“Where’s Freddy?”

Velma shook her head,
Melvin just kind of looked up from eating behind the mound of food he
was politely attacking. Shaggy also looked up from his meal and
swallowed to answer her question, unless he wanted to be sharing his
meal with everyone at the table.

“I went up and
knocked on his door. I heard shuffling of papers before he said I
could come in… He said he would be working on something and he
would, be down in a minute.”

Just as Shaggy finished
his sentence, the person in question came running rather hurried into
the dinning room. He stood panting for a bit as the swinging door
took its time settling back in place as Fred caught his breath.

“Gang… I just
got a call…” Fred noticed he had something in his hand and
quickly pocketed it before he continued. Having caught his breath, he
straightened up about to continue before Shaggy stood up and stopped

“Whoa whoa there
Freddy. Take it like’ easy man. Grab some food, and take a seat and
explain what’s going on. We’re going to let the guests finish eating
before we do anything else. Theyre like, hungry man.”


Fred confusedly
murmured before he noticed Scrappy and Melvin sitting at the table.
He didn’t know Melvin, he looked like he could be a friend of
Shaggy’s, but he noticed Scrappy right away.

“Scrappy, that
you? Hey man, long time no see.” Fred waved to the eating Dane
plastered to Scooby’s side. Scrappy waved back before turning back to
Scooby, talking to him more to get every morsel of detail from his
uncle about the current tale he had been mentioning.

“And this is
Melvin, Scrappy’s owner” Shaggy commented as he sat back down to
get back at his food before Fred filled them in with the current
mystery. Fred was hungry, so he did get some food before he sat
himself down. After a few bites, he let everyone know that they got a
new assignment.

“There is a nearby
Museum in West Virginia that having a showing of a newly found
dinosaur that had never been seen before, but only a few days before
the unveiling; the bones have gone missing. I worked out the details
and they were hoping that we headed there today to get there in time
a bit before closing so that we could get it taken care of before
they continued to set up the display. They had put a lot of money in
advertising and it would be a great loss if they can’t get the bones
on display on time.

Fred paused, looking at their two

But what are we going to do about Scrappy and
Melvin, it’s not like we can take them with us…”

Scrappy was the first
to speak up.

“Oh come on Fred… Please? I… We’ll be
able to help you out. A museum must be a big place, more people that
can help catch the bad guys. And plus I have in the past helped
before. Come on… please?”

Begged Scrappy, Shaggy
and Scooby joined in because it had been ages since they worked with
him and it would be nice and it would have a nostalgic feel to it.
Daphne though about it then spoke up.

“Well, what about

Velma was the first to

“Well, he’s about
the age we started with our serious mysteries Daphne, Freddie… And
it’s not he’s going to be unsupervised. This sounds like a pretty
simple case to me, nothing out of the ordinary. Just some misplaced

Shaggy bounced up to
add in after Velma had stopped talking to help prove for Scrappy and
Melvin’s case.

“No stories of
ghosts… No haunting monsters… Just missing bones. I think it’s
perfect. I don’t see why he can’t come along Fred. And it sounds to
me like’ these guys have traveled a long way man, to get here. Look
at how much food these two have piled away. Do you want to throw them
out after they just got here?”

Fred sighed. He wasn’t
going to be a bad guy and not let Scrappy come. And Velma was right;
it did seem to be a routine job, nothing special. And it wasn’t like
they were babysitting; Melvin looked mostly like a capable guy, even
if he did have a bit of chicken stuck on his lower lip he hadnt
noticed. Sticking his fork into the remainder of his pile of food,
Fred agreed. With a whoop, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy were up and
celebrating with a dance. Melvin was quickly scooped up and was
forced to join the dance. Fred placed his hand over his face and
shook his head, a smile peeking from behind the fingers.

the dance was done, Fred suggested that they got ready. While the
girls went to get dressed, Melvin lent a hand with Fred to clean the
table off while Shaggy started washing dishes and Scooby and Scrappy
put away the leftovers in Shaggy’s walk in freezer for later. They
also were packing emergency rations for the trip there. Never could
have enough emergency rations; quoted the lanky beatnik. After a
while, the girls returned dressed in their usual Mystery outfits and
helped finish cleaning before they all headed to the Van.

they headed at last, to solve the awaiting mystery.

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