Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Three

taking her so long? Its only a ten minute walk! I told her to be
here at 11:00 today, Fred complained.

was pacing back-and-forth in front of the front door. Daphne was
leaning against the wall, watching him pace. She had always thought
it was one of Freds better qualities, how he was always so
concerned when one of the gang was 5 minutes late.

and Scooby were in the kitchen, trying to satisfy themselves with the
food stocked in the Blakes pantry. Mr. Blake himself was in the
library, reading, while Mrs. Blake was away, visiting her sister.

started to giggle watching Fred pace back-and-forth. While youre
waiting doing absolutely nothing to help the situation, Im going
to get the mail, she teased.

opened the front door and walked outside to the mailbox to retrieve
the mail. Daphne walked to the library where her dad was busy reading
the morning paper. She walked over to the desk, sat down, and started
sorting through the mail.

bills, bills, Daphne mumbled, while flipping through the
envelopes, magazine, bills, magazine, bills. She stopped as she
came to one addressed to Mysteries, Inc.

opened the letter and started reading. She gasped as she read the
letter. Daddy, she said hesitantly, you should read this,
she said shakily getting up and walking towards him.

handed it to him and he started reading. He finally finished reading
it and handed it back to Daphne.

like youve just been handed your biggest case yet, he said
solemnly. Would you like me to contact the Darlews and put their
case on hold? he asked.

nodded and hurried out of the library to Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby.

three were standing in the hallway before the front door. Fred was
leaning against the wall, his head bowed down a little, deep in
thought. Scooby and Shaggy were standing with him, finishing their
ice-cream sandwiches. Fred looked up as he heard Daphne approach.

wrong? he asked. He began to worry when he saw the look on
Daphnes face. She handed him the letter, and folded her arms,
standing next to him.

read the note, with Shaggy and Scooby reading over his shoulder.
Freds face turned paler every second his eyes were on the letter.

ridrapped! Scooby said, starting to whimper.

what do we do? Shaggy asked, looking at Fred.

put our other case on hold and find Velma, he replied, the color
slowly starting to return to his face.

done, Daphne said, while wiping the few tears from her eyes.

Fred said, unsure of what to now. He thought for a moment about where
to start and then it came to him. Was there anything left in the
envelope? Fred asked.

quickly ran back to the library, searching for the envelope. Fred,
Shaggy, and Scooby followed after her. She picked up the envelope and
looked inside. She noticed a small piece of paper, and picked it up.
They all stared at the paper, trying to decipher what the clue meant:

favorite place to run and hide.

what does that mean? Shaggy asked.

Scooby said.

was a long pause. Then Daphne spoke up.

think I know what this means, she said confidently, then she
quickly walked to the Mystery Machine.

Daphne, where are we going? Fred asked, climbing into the
passenger seat, for the first time.

see, she said, starting the engine.

opened her eyes. Nope, not a nightmare, Velma thought to
herself sadly. She shivered from the cold wind that blew in from the
small window.

notice, the door at the top of the stairs opened, with one of the men
standing in the doorway. He started down the stairs toward her. Velma
could barely tell that he was holding something, but she couldnt
tell who he was.

finally got close enough that she figured out that it was Redd. He
carried with him a large glass of water, and a straw. He came closer
and set the glass on the ground next to Velma.

cant kill you in front of the gang if youve already died from
starvation, now can I he snickered. You get three bathroom
breaks a day. Each a couple hours after your meals, he continued,
while fixing some straws together to reach from the glass to her
mouth. Your meals will pretty much be something you can drink with
a straw, because I certainly dont want to have to hand feed you.

finished setting up his invention and then walked back up the
stairs. Then, once the door closed, there was silence, again. Velma
leaned against the wall, noticing that it was becoming more difficult
to breathe. She started to think that maybe it was more than one rib
that was out of place. She closed her eyes, and decided to sleep.

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