Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Brilliant life Chapter Six

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Brilliant life Chapter Six

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Bea smiled, Im sorry, sir. We lost our way to the little girls room. Apparently, this isnt it. Bea and Annie giggled as they tossed the aprons onto a nearby counter. Bea turned to Annie and asked, Whats next, babe.

Annie got that sly grin that usually appears on her face and said, I think this place just ran out of toilet paper.

Bea looked astonished, Wow! How do you know? Can you tell the future? What else is going to happen?

Annies face turned from smugness to suddenly blank, Well, I was thinking we couldwhat?

Beas face lit up, Can you tell what else is going to happen? I hope Jason Rues asks me out

Annie stared blankly at her best friend, who looked like she was daydreaming, Yeah, me and Miss Cleo are rivals.

Bea appeared not to hear. Annie snapped her fingers and Bea came out of her trance. Annie sighed, What I was thinking waswe should take all of the paper rolls from the bathrooms here, and then stash them at my place. Shell be doomed.

The two friends watched Mad TV, until an hour later, when they heard someone open the door. Fred Jones walked inside, a confused expression on his face. Annie turned around and asked, Howd the meeting go dad?

Fred ran his hands through his blond hair and sighed, I thought it was going well. Then Eliza said she didnt feel good and took off. She left her purse. He held up the green purse and continued, Was it something I did?

Annie tried to sound sympathetic, Nah, it couldnt be you. Its her, defiantly.

Fred nodded and said, Im still going to call her and see if shes ok.

Annie watched with narrowed eyes as her father picked up the phone and dialed the Eliza womans number.

It seemed so real. Fred shielded his eyes from the hot sun as he hammered in the last shingle. He wiped the sweat off his face and climbed down the ladder. Before putting the ladder back in the garage, he took one last look at his home.

It was beautiful. He swelled with pride just looking at the stunning house. With his new promotion at work that included better pay, he was spending more time sprucing up the place.

He walked in the front door and took off his shoes. He could hear his daughter fussing somewhere in the house. Daphne was probably with her. He opened the fridge to get a drink, but the baby kept crying. He paused and said, Daph, are you going to get Annie? No answer.

Concerned, he closed the fridge and searched the house for the source of the babys cries. He froze when he saw both Daphne and Annie on the floor in the hallway. He stood there for a second unsure of what to do, and then grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911. He talked to the operator, but her words didnt calm him down one bit.

His daughter was still screaming her head off in Freds arms. But Daphne, she wasnt moving, breathing, or making a sound. He knew in his mind, that for some reason, she was gone, but his heart was unwilling to accept it.

At the hospital, Fred sat in the waiting room; his head was in his hands. When the doctor finally came out about an hour later, his face was as grim looking as Freds was. The doctor sighed as he sat down next to Fred, As you already know, your wife did not make it. We think it may be a new virus. Theres been a few deaths similar to hers.

Fred closed his eyes. How could this happen? She looked fine earlier. He asked, What about my daughter? Is Annie ok?

The doctor nodded. Just a few bumps and bruises from the fall. Nothing fatal. Im so sorry for your loss.

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