Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life – Chapter Ten

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life – Chapter Ten

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Behind her, Jessica threw her beach towel over her shoulder. You do know that this hotel has an indoor swimming pool? Annie peeled her face from the window and glared at Jessica. Well, isnt that just peachy?

Jessica put her hands on her hips and flipped her blonde hair. You know Ann, maybe if you acted normal, you wouldnt be treated like a red-headed step child. Opps! She said with a nasty giggle, I guess you cant escape that! Annie could hear her laughing as she closed the door behind her.

Bea sat on the bed, watching a soap opera. Dont listen to her Annie. Shes just jealous.

Annie scoffed, Why? She secretly wants my hair?

Bea answered, without taking her eyes off the screen. No, she wants your brain. Im afraid to say her head is hollow.

Fred shook his head

Fred laughed as he stirred the spaghetti sauce. Daph, for the last time, Im not going to name our daughter Annabel! Thats soold fashioned. I get the image of an old woman.

Daphne sighed, I know. Youre never going to let me have my way are you? She got up from the kitchen table and wrapped her arms around her husband. Fred smiled, Are you trying to bribe me?

Daphne laughed and kissed Freds shoulder. No, I was thinking of competition. How about we play on it? Winner chooses name.

Fred switched off the stove and turned around. He held Daphne against him. Pick your game, woman. Daphne laid her head on Freds chest, thinking hard. She looked up at him, Lets keep it simple, honey. How about rock-paper-scissors, best out of three?

Fred answered, Okay. Game on. And if I win I can name her Julia?

Daphne replied, Yepbut you wont win so forget about it.

The couple sat down at the table, their left hands out. Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Daphne won with her rock to Freds scissor. Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Fred won with his scissor to her paper. Fred smiled, Are you getting nervous, love? Daphne gave him a ferocious look. Didnt anyone warn you not to mess with a pregnant woman?

Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Silence filled the small kitchen. The spaghetti sauce was bubbling, and begging to be stirred. Fred smiled, I guess its going to be a Julia. Paper beats rock, Daph. But my competition was fierce, honey. You did your best. Daphne looked up at him. Her eyes started to tear up. Fred felt incredibly guilty. He pulled her close and stroked her hair. If it means that much to you than she can be called Annabel.

Daphne smiled at him, Really?

He nodded and then kissed her passionately

Fred shook his head and looked at Eliza. No. It was Daphs idea. I wanted to name her Julia. Eliza frowned at him. She must have been a woman with good taste. I dont like the name Julia.

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