Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter 7

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter 7

Were going to
take a vacation, Velma, Redd laughed wickedly, were going to
take you to your place of execution. Sound like fun?

sick! You two have sick minds! Velma screamed out at them, as they
were dragging her away from the burning house.

up! Redd yelled. Then he and Bill shoved her in the back of the

The two of them ran to
the front doors of the van, climbed in, and slammed the doors shut.

How could either of
you do this! Velma yelled at them through tears.

Shut up! Redd
yelled again, turning around and pointing the same gun at her.

Velmas eyes
narrowed on the object being pointed at her. She suddenly became
quiet, tears still streaming down her face.

After what seemed like
an eternity, Redd finally turned around and unarmed the gun.

Velma sat back and
cried silently. Her ribs still hurt unbearably, and she couldnt
stop thinking about what would happen if her friends never found her.

Redd and Bill had
dragged Velma outside. I wonder what theyll do to me now,
Velma thought. She shuddered at the possibilities that her
imagination had started to come up with. Velma tried to erase those
thoughts from her mind.

Mystery Machine was parked down at the bottom of the mountain side.
The four of them got out and looked up at the early morning sky.

I think its a
fire, Fred said solemnly, hoping Velma wasnt in it.

Fred could tell that
Shaggy, Daphne, and Scooby were thinking the same thing, just by
reading the expressions on their faces.

Fred and Shaggy
started to make their way up the dirt path towards the burning house,
when Scooby and Daphne pulled them back from the trail.

What do you think
youre doing! Daphne exclaimed.

Were, like,
going to see if Velmas up there, Shaggy replied.

Do you two ever
think? The smallest spark or flame can set this whole place up in
flames! Daphne yelled.

Well, like, Daphne,
how do you expect us to find Velma or any other clue if we dont go
up and look? Shaggy protested.


Fred reached into his
pocket and answered his cell phone.

Jones here, Fred

Hey, Freddy!
Havent heard from you in a long time, Redd replied.

Hello, Redd,
Fred said calmly through gritted teeth.

Daphne, Shaggy, and
Scooby listened in at the sound of Redds name.

Wheres Velma?
Fred demanded.

Well, we certainly
dont beat around the bush, do we? Redd answered sarcastically.

Wheres Velma?
Fred asked again.

Fred, you dont
seem to have any manners, do you? Redd replied, still not
answering the mind-boggling question. Ill tell you if you ask

Fred paused for a
moment to try and calm down before he asked the question for the
third time. Would you please tell me where Velma is? he asked,
trying to hold back his anger.

Mountains, about 3
miles north. Dress warmly, was all Redd said before he hung up.

Were supposed to
go 3 miles north, Fred told the three behind him.

The four of them
hurried to the Mystery Machine, wanting to get to Velma as fast as
possible. God, I hope Velmas okay, Shaggy thought to
himself. I swear if he hurts her

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