Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Six

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Six

That was when I
realized I loved her, Shaggy accidentally blurted out. He slapped
his hand over his mouth.

Scooby, Fred, and
Daphne stared wide-eyed at him. Daphne was the first one to speak.

Aww, she
squealed, how cute!

I knew it! Fred
burst out.

Shaggy blushed and
turned away, signaling that he didnt want to converse on the
subject anymore. Like, what are we waiting for? We need to get
to the shark exhibit! Shaggy said, changing the subject.

The four of them
jogged to the shark exhibit. They arrived about ten minutes later,
trying to remember where it was.

Well, now what?
Daphne asked, looking to the other three for answers.

Lets look for
anything out of the ordinary, Fred suggested.

The other three nodded
and the four of them split up by themselves, wandering around the

Scooby walked around
near an area where they stored the sharks food. His tail
accidentally knocked over a can of dead fish. He whirled around,
scared, then realized it was nothing to be afraid of. He picked up
the container and placed the fish back in it, after which he set the
can back where it was. He then began scolding his tail to be more
careful, but stopped when he noticed the scars from the accident
Shaggy had described moments earlier.

Daphne searched near
an area of chemicals for approved and legal experimentation and
medicine for the sharks. She found nothing out of the ordinary.

Shaggy walked towards
the pool where the sharks were swimming. He bent down and watched as
one shark was swimming around aimlessly, obviously bored. Shaggy
watched as he relived that terrible day. The day he almost lost his
two bet friends.

Fred investigated
around the rest of the shark exhibit, aimlessly looking around at
everything. Where are you Velma, he thought silently, then

Daphne walked over to
him, recognizing his signs of stress. Whats wrong? she
asked, wrapping her arm around his, looking in the direction he was.

Nothing, Im just
tired, he said, not really wanting to discuss the issue at the

Somehow I dont
believe thats all of why youre stressed, Daphne said. If
its because of the Velma situation were in right, dont
worry. Were going to get through this. We always do. Youll
always lead us out of these things. Well get her back.

Thanks, Daphne,
Fred said softly, hugging her. Both of them returned to searching for
anything abnormal around the shark exhibit.

Shaggy continued
walking around the shark pool. He stopped short when he saw a sign
with graffiti on it. Shaggy slowly walked toward it. Look?
Shaggy read aloud, confused. The graffiti was on the sign that had an
arrow pointing in the direction of the next exhibit.

He walked in the
direction the sign originally pointed him to, and found another sign
with an arrow. This sign also had graffiti on it. He walked towards

Shaggy said out loud, again confused.

He walked to the other


Shaggy stopped, still confused. Hey, Fred! Daphne! Scooby! Get
over here!

The three of them
hurried over to Shaggy.

What did you find?
Fred inquired.

Read the signs,
Shaggy said, monotonously.

Fred, Daphne, and
Scooby looked at each other after reading the graffiti.

This is suspicious,
but how do you know its directed towards us? Fred commented.

Because of that,
Shaggy said flatly, pointing to the last sign.

Fred, Daphne, and
Scooby read the last sign.

Inc. Daphne read aloud.

Fred looked up, when a
small light of orange, under a thick blackness caught his eye. He
slowly walked up a couple of feet.

Daphne, Scooby, and
Shaggy saw what he was transfixed by and walked toward him.

Like, what is it?
Shaggy asked.

I dont know,
Fred said, but I think thats our clue,

The four of them
rushed to the Mystery Machine.

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