Scooby Doo Pornography Story: wild

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: wild

The full moon’s pale light glinted off the van as it made its way through the ruts of an old washboard road. The occupants of the van clenched their teeth unconsciously with each jarring bump. From the back, a nervous voice spoke.

“Like, I don’t think anybody’s been down this road for a long time, Scoob.” It was Shaggy, who seemed more on edge than the rest of the crew.

“Yeah,” agreed Scooby, who was shaking visibly on the seat next to Shaggy. Their nerve ends tingled more from the dark, deserted valley through which they traveled, than the jolting trip itself. Was that a bat that just skittered past the window?

Velma, seated just in front of the cowering duo, studied the map by the dim beam of a flashlight. “Gosh, Freddie, looks like we should have gone straight on that road we were on back there, instead of turning!”

Freddie’s knuckles were white from their grip on the steering wheel. His broad shoulders hunched tensely, and he frowned. “You’re right, Velma, but we’ve been on this road too long to turn back now,” he said in a tone that he hoped belied his frustration. But he didn’t really give a shit. They’d been driving all night, and Daphne, seated calmly in the passenger seat, kept glancing at him seductively with those cat-like eyes of hers.

He knew for a fact that she’d discarded her panties at their last stop, which, he realized with a sinking feeling as he looked at the fuel gauge, had been way too long ago. For the last hour, she had been rubbing her clit in time to the bumps on the road, letting out soft sighs audible only to him.

He was hard as a rock just thinking about her beautiful pussy, and hoped there was a filling station nearby, where, with any luck, they could have a quickie in the bathroom before moving on.

“Hey, Velma, does it look like we’re getting close to a town?” he managed to choke out, fighting the urge to stroke the hot steel that strained against his pants.

“I sure don’t see one, Freddie, but there’s a big farm up there on the left, look!” exclaimed Velma.

“Maybe they’ve got something to eat!” shouted Shaggy from the back, rubbing his middle.

“Yeah,” agreed Scooby once more.

“They can tell us an easier way to get back to the highway, too,” nodded Velma. “Anything is better than the way we came.”

“I don’t know about that,” panted Daphne. She snaked a long finger into her hole, and looked pointedly at Freddie as her pussy lips grabbed her finger in the first wave of a paralyzing orgasm. Once it had subsided, she bit her lip and stared with glazed eyes at the bulge in Freddie’s lap. She was hungry too, but only Freddie’s meat would satisfy that hunger. “I mean, where’s your sense of adventure?” she asked.

Freddie’s cock throbbed. Again he resisted the temptation to give it some relief. He wanted Daphne to have it all.

The tension gave way momentarily as the Mystery Machine sputtered with the last fumes of gas and came to a jerking, screeching halt a few yards from the entrance to the driveway of the farm.

His dick wilted slightly and Freddie groaned with one look at the deserted property. Here they were, out of gas in the middle of nowhere, matters complicated all the more by his three oblivious friends behind him and the screaming heat of an erection filling his briefs. Damn it! He needed to get Daphne alone soon!

“Well,” he said. “I guess nobody’s home. They won’t mind then if we crash here for the night.” He feigned a yawn, all the while eyeing Daphne’s firm tits beneath the tight shirt she wore.

Daphne only nodded and licked her lips, rekindling Freddie’s ever-so-slightly softened cock.

“Like, I hope they left some food in the kitchen,” Shaggy piped up.

Scooby gave a yip and leaped out of the van, dashing toward the house. Shaggy followed a short distance behind.

Great, that meant they only had to get rid of Velma before they could take care of the more pressing matters at hand…so to speak
As if to read his mind, Daphne said “Come on, Velma, let’s see if they left any furniture. It’s such a huge house, I’ll bet we can all have our own room tonight!” She stretched, a long, languorous stretch, causing her breasts to strain the confines of the lacy bra under her shirt. Freddie caught a glimpse of nipple through the fabric, and his breath escaped in a whoosh.

So that little bitch had been tormenting him all night and now planned to make him sleep alone? He’d have to show her what was what.

A split second later, he caught her wink and was sorry for the thought. He should have known better. Daphne was still hot after that silent orgasm he’d just witnessed, and she needed release just as badly as he did.

“Let’s go then,” he said, opening the driver’s door. It was a balmy night, and he wriggled out of his sweater and held it in front of him, easing around the side of the van in hopes that Velma wouldn’t catch on to his huge erection.

Velma hopped out of the side door just as Daphne was emerging from the passenger door, and caught her friend’s arm. “What do you say we do some exploring before we turn in?”

“Gee, Velma,” said Daphne as she suppressed a fake yawn. “I’m awful tired tonight, I think I’ll just find a bedroom and try to get some sleep.”

Velma sighed, but didn’t say another word. Daphne was tired a lot these days, and she was leaving Velma with Scooby and Shaggy more and more when they were off on a mystery. She didn’t mind so much, especially when Shaggy wrapped his long arms around her as he often did when he was afraid. But she missed her friend, and all the fun they used to have when they were together. Daphne was the only one who knew how she longed to have Shaggy in her arms trembling with lust instead of fear, how she wanted to grab a handful of that scruffy mane and bury his head between her tits while his thick cock pounded her hot pussy.

She wondered again what was going on between Daphne and Freddie. She couldn’t imagine that they weren’t fucking, but if they were, they were awfully discreet about it. Just now though, there had been something going on in the front of the van…something unspoken… And she decided to go for a walk to try to slow her racing mind.

They walked to the house together, Freddie just a few steps behind the girls, who were discussing the day ahead of them. First they had to find a place to gas up the Mystery Machine. Then they had another long drive to the conference they were scheduled to attend.

He kept his eyes locked on Daphne’s tight ass, wiggling beneath her skirt, and his desire shot up another notch. She knew exactly what she was doing, he was sure of it, and he sped up his steps until he was even with their pace. He reached around and grabbed hold of one perfect cheek, giving it a quick squeeze to let her know he was indeed wise to her game.

They reached the house and crossed the porch to the front door. Amazingly, it appeared that the house had been carefully sealed before the previous tenants had left. The shutters were all closed, and the furniture inside had been covered with sheets of plastic. Whoever lived here obviously wanted to be sure their belongings remained intact for their return…whenever that would be. They had been gone a long time, judging by the thick layer of dust. No matter, the gang would be on their way in the morning, having used only a few beds.

Freddie tried a light switch, but they remained in relative darkness, a few moonbeams through the dusty shutter slats their only illumination.

“I’m going for a walk,” Velma announced. “You two get some rest, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Fred and Daphne exchanged a look that said there definitely wouldn’t be any resting going on tonight, and carefully inched around the furniture to make their way to the staircase, assuming correctly that the bedrooms were upstairs. A long hallway at the top led to several rooms, and they tested the doors to find out if they were locked. They weren’t, so Daphne took Freddie’s hand and hastily led him to the last door, figuring that when Velma, Shaggy and Scooby came up, they would choose one of the first rooms they came to.

A king-sized bed dominated the room, which, although dusty, was relatively clean. Barely able to hold on to her self-control, Daphne at least had the presence of mind close the door. Her hand grazed his back, then drifted down and lingered on his ass. She squeezed before moving around to the front where she stroked his package through his pants and rubbed her wet mound against his thigh.

Freddie could stand it no longer. He drove his tongue between her sweet lips and lapped at her tongue, tasting her for the first time. A deep, guttural groan escaped him when he thrust a hand up her skirt and slid two fingers into her dripping wet pussy.

Daphne moaned and fumbled for the zipper of his pants, extracting his engorged cock. It was hot to the touch, and its tip glistened with precum. Stroking it made her wetter still, which was driving Freddie nearly insane with desire.

He reluctantly freed his fingers from her silky lips, picked her up by the waist and carried her to the bed. Gently setting her on the edge, he reverently unbuttoned her shirt to find her perfect tits, with their nipples standing at attention. As he freed them from their lacy confines, she dipped her head and licked the tip of his rod, causing him to jerk with the pleasure of her mouth on him.
She licked the underside of the shaft, starting at his balls and working toward the tip, before tipping her head back and taking him in. There was no way she could get him all into her, so with one hand she twisted gently on the lower half, while cradling his balls with the other hand. With her tongue, she teased that magic spot at the base of the head, and moved her head back and forth.

He moaned and pushed her down on the bed, grudgingly letting his cock slide past her lips and trail down her chin, lingering for a moment at her tits, and tracing a searing path down her belly.

Her bush was the softest thing he thought he’d ever felt, and the fine tendrils were damp from her wetness. She took him in her hand and guided him over her clit, shivering as she did so, until he was poised to enter her. He swooped over her, crushing her mouth with his, and in one smooth motion, rolled over so she was on top, his quivering cock still at the entrance to her dripping pussy, then quickly impaled her on him.

Daphne squelched a scream when he entered and began rocking her hips, finding a rhythm against the thrusts of Freddie’s gigantic cock. He reached up to the fabulous round tits and rubbed the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Daphne’s closed her eyes, savoring the pleasure, and with one hand, reached behind to play with his balls.
He swiftly flipped her over on her back and stopped pumping. After coming so close to the edge, it was an agonizing move, but he needed so much more…and so did she, from the look in her on her face.

“Freddie!” murmured Daphne. His strong, masterful tongue probed deep inside her molten canal. He flicked a finger against her clit, nipping and tasting the sweet wetness, bringing forth new spurts with each thrust.
She gasped in delight, watching his tousled blond head move up and down, side to side, against her wet, shining pussy. Each stroke of his skilled tongue elicited sounds of mounting enjoyment.
With a handful of her sweet, round ass, he dove as deep as he could, ravenously devouring every drop of juice Daphne could make. He fondled the taut, round breasts, making tiny circles around each of the nipples.

Daphne sensed frustration as his dick rubbed the soft bedspread, continuing to get harder, and she lifted herself off the bed slightly to drag him back to her. His chin dripped with her sweet juices and she licked it away, savoring the taste of their passion. She needed him inside her now, this was just too much! Swiveling her hips, she guided him to her pussy and arched her back to take him all in, gasping as he buried himself clear to the balls.

Freddie bucked faster and faster against Daphne’s ravaged pussy. He could no longer sustain the mounting pressure in his balls. Sensing this, and wanting to ease his “discomfort” – however pleasurable it may be, she traced the crack of his ass, and continued to the base of his balls, applying slight pressure as she got closer.

He arched his back and growled, continuing to pound madly. She took his ass in both hands and begged him to go deeper, even though he was deeper inside her than anyone had ever been. Her hips rocking wildly, a deep, curling heat started in her belly and drove slowly downward. It wrapped around Freddie’s thick shaft and they came simultaneously, furiously maintaining their rhythm in spite of themselves.

Lying spent in a tangle of limbs on the king-sized bed, each with a sated look on their faces, Freddie lifted his head wearily. “This mystery hasn’t been solved yet, Daph…I’m afraid we’ll have to do some more investigating…”

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