The New Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 16

The New Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 16

By Xuncu. R U Sure? SureRLLY. ZOMG.

Scooby, Shaggy, and
slightly squished pterodactyl-bird’s momentum was painful, and
knocked the whole damn garbage can over, But the rubbish was able to
save all their lives. Scooby and Shaggy lay face-flat in liquids best
not described on the alley floor, when they hear the highly irate
shrieking of the bird-thing in front of them.


They stared at the
pissed-off demonbird, it’s wing dislocated by the fall, but still
managing to waddle close and closer to them, rising to it’s full
standing height. Their eyes bulged in horror, when, suddenly, from
behind the garbage can, a greenish blob shot out of the garbage and
attacked the bird face head-on.


When the thing first
passed then, it had smacked them both in the back of the head,
smashing them both face-first again into the abysmal slurry of
floor-fluids. They looked up again, their faces dripping, to see what
looked like a greenish jellyfish, with metallic mandibles where the
tentacles ought to be, chewing on the bird’s face. The bird itself
lay still, it was no match for the little Metroid.

“Woah, Scoob. Dig
that crazy invertebrate!”

The metroid finished
the bird’s energy, and zoomed onto Shaggy’s head, where it attempted
to chew for a few moments.

“Heh he, that’s

It seemed to spit at
Shaggy for a moment, then swooped over onto Scooby and gnawed on his
head, too.

“Reh heee hee hee

“Woah, I feel a
little woozy. Freddy’s got gooooooooooood stuff, man… Heh, that
Jelly’s a cuddler. Let’s call him Cuddles.”

“Reh heh… heh
heh heh… reh…”

“Oh, man, I got
the munchies.”

Cuddles the Metroid
spat at Scooby in disgust too, and hovered off to find a more
appetizing meal.

“Bye bye,



They watched as Cuddles
flew down the corner and turned out of view, and they noticed a lit
sign across the street that read “IHOD.”

“Hey, Scoob, dig
it! Maybe they got food. Let’s go.”

They both stood up
quickly, and the blood rush and energy loss sent them into a
semi-alert drunken waddle as they walked towards the sign.

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