Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter Nine

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter Nine

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Was that your late wife? she asked. Shes very pretty.

Fred looked down at the old, wrinkled photo of him and Daphne. That photo was very special to him. He would always remember that day; it was hard to forget

It was so warm and humid outside. The perfect beach weather. Daphne had wanted to take a vacation, so they went to the Caribbean Islands. Fred had noticed that Daphne could not stop smiling all day. He had the sneaky feeling she was hiding something from him.

They had just gone swimming and were walking back to the hotel, hand-in-hand with their beach towels over their shoulders. They had dinner reservations and Fred knew how Daphne liked to dress up, so they headed back a little early.

The moment Fred opened the door; she rushed to the bathroom and didnt come out for some time, which wasnt unusual for Daphne. When she emerged, she wasnt even dressed. Confused, Fred asked, Do you want to stay here? We can have room service brought up.

Daphne giggled and hugged him, which only confused him more. When they pulled away she handed him a small strip, which looked like it had blue dye on it. Fred looked at it quizzically before asking, What is it?

Daphne giggled again, Fred, its a pregnancy test. And its positive!

Fred suddenly felt light as a feather, like he could float away. Daphne waited for his reaction, he hugged her and kissed her cheek. This is so wonderful, he said.

Daphne and Fred got dressed and went downstairs to the restaurant. Although the food was great and everything was fancy, that wasnt what was on their minds at all. Only the thought that next time the Joness had a vacation, there would be three of them.

A waiter came up with a camera and asked if they would like to have a picture taken to remember the vacation. They said yes and held each other close

Elizas voice broke the memory, You loved her, didnt you?

Fred looked up, More than any word can describe. He glanced at the picture one more time and then placed his wallet back in his pocket. But that was a long time ago. Im more interested in the here and now, andthen he hugged Eliza.

So, she decided to do it for her. She leapt up from the bed, marched over to Jessica, ripped the cell phone from her hands, and tossed itout the window. She waited until she heard the satisfying breaking sound of the phone hitting the pavement before she went to bed. She smiled, knowing that she was going to get a good nights sleep.

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