Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter 1

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter 1

Annabel Jones gripped the flash light. Man, it was dark. Pitch black. Her best friend, Beatrix, walked behind her. The cave seemed endless, noisy, andcreepy. The two friends walked a little further before stopping to rest on a rock.

Bea took the flashlight and gazed down at a map in her hand, Are you sure we are going the right way, Annie?

Annie shrugged, Well know if we make it there wont we?

Bea looked positively frantic. But your Dad will kill us if he finds out were gone!

Annie loosened the orange ascot tied around her neck. Cool it, well get home. He wont even know.

She was so beautiful. The most gorgeous pregnant woman he had ever seen. What would you like for breakfast, Daph? I was thinking homemade waffles.

Sounds good. Daphne land forward and kissed him passionately. Then she rolled back under the covers and drifted back to sleep.

Fred mixed the batter and poured it onto the skillet, the batter fizzled. He sighed deeply. Jeez, his life couldnt get any better. Perfect job, perfect friends, perfect house, perfect wife, and nowhe was going to be a dad. A wonderful addition to his amazing life.

Fred glanced over at the room to the right of their bedroom. That was going to be the babys room. Several boxes stood inside the room along with a couple of opened paint cans. He needed to hurry and finish it. Daphne was due in three weeks.

He scooped up the waffles and lathered them in syrup. Daphne came out of the bedroom as he set down her plate. She brushed a kiss on his cheek and said, Oh honey, they look

Fred sat up straight in bed. His alarm clock was blaring. It was eight fifty in the morning. Good Lord, he was late for work again! He rubbed his eyes of sleep and pushed the clock off the stand. He had another dream. It was bad enough Daphne was gone, but why couldnt she just stay gone? Memories of her were all around him. The biggest one of all was Annie. With Annies 16th birthday approaching, he kept having flashbacks of Daphne. It was horrible.

After he tied the orange tie around his neck and checked in the mirror one more time. He rushed out to the kitchen, where Annie and her friend Bea were eating Fruit Loops. Annie swallowed a spoonful and then said, Dont you have to be somewhere, Dad? Work, maybe?

Thats precisely why Im rushing. He kissed her on the forehead, waved to Bea, and then took off.

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    Marnie never considered the relationship “proper sex” as it could’ve had a negative impact on their friendship going forward.

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